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About Us
Dear Sirs, Thanks to love to timber, fascination and dreams , we decided in 1999 to establish the NORDLINE company. Timber, for us, is the most natural and sincere material. At the same time timber is the best for building an ideal family house, where every generation will find one’s niche for work and rest.
Wooden House An ideal house means:
  • A nice chill in a scorching day.
  • A cosy warmth in a long winter evening surrounded by a witchy sound of a burning wood in a fireplace.
  • A breezy, almost inaudible touch of the first drops of a spring rain.
  • A sweet, deep sleep and a light awakening thanks to natural air infiltration.
Our desire, was to create an ideal house and for such reason we founded an ideal solution. We merged the unique advantages of wood from polar regions of Russia and Siberia with the famous precision of German machines. It resulted in materials of the highest quality.

For such reason everybody can fulfill his dreams and become an owner of an amazing timber house, which will delight for a long time.

From the prehistoric times, timber was used as a building material. The most popular method of building a house is so called one skeleton construction, where one wooden beam is put alternately on the other. Thanks so ventilation properties of wooden beams, we can experience a unique and natural climate, whereas warm radiation of a natural timber has a positive influence on human psyche.
Of course timber houses will be free from chemicals as long as you will allow them to be so. Unfortunately, many investors demand impregnation of timber beams, but at the same time it is obvious that if timber is not exposed to direct contact with water and dampness it does not need impregnation. Especially this kind of timber which is dried and whittled four-sided, because only this kind of timber can be used for building a house.

Wooden House
Dear Sirs
A wide, experience in building the timber houses, materials of the highest quality ( Arctic pine, Siberian larch) and professional designs give us the right to present you the offer of our company.:

Budownictwo We are building summer as well as yearlong houses according to our own or our client’s projects. Materials for building:
  • profiled beams, thickness 72mm, 100mm,150mm, 200mm,
  • cylinder beams from 160 mm to 280mm (Arctic pine),
  • cylinder beams from 220m to 280 mm (Siberian larch),
  • On the request of our clients, we also can use Siberian Cedar.

Projekt BIAŁYSTOK - 2008 r.
Projekt WROCŁAW - 2008 r.
Projekt WARSZAWA - 2008 r.
Projekt KIELCE - 2008 r.
Projekt ZAGÓRZE MAŁE II - 2008 r.
Projekt NEW DESIGN - 2008 r.